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Thanks to Brian Gallagher and Sean Davidson! Here's some of the answers to my questions!

Brian Gallagher's Interivew
me: How did you feel about leaving RollerJam?
Brian: i was ready to move on my television career

Me: What is in your CD player right now?
Brian: i have a compilation disc in it now
with all party type music
me: Are you dating anyone right now?
Brian: nope
Me:Are you still skating for fun?
Brian: hell yeah
Brian: all the time
Me: What's your fave kind of food?
Brian: i think chinese
me: What is your most memorable moment from RJ?
Brian: i think it was the first time i skated out onto the track. that's when i realized things were for real
me: Where do you live now?
Brian: Los angeles
me: What's your fave kind of ice cream flavor?
Brian: either chocolate or sherbet
me: What was ur Valentine's Day like?
Brian: i had to work that night
Brian: i dance at parties to motivate people
me: what kind of dancing do u do?
Brian: hip hop and some break
me: Describe what you would do on your dream date with a girl.
Brian: i think i would like to rent a boat and float into a harbor where you can see the city lights and have dinner under the stars. then anker on a private beach and walk along it and maybe go for a swim. then hit a jazz lounge for about an hour for some appetizers and some more quiet time then a club for some dancing.
me: hmmm, what if they girl is seasick?
Brian: then dinner on the beach would have to do
Brian: i really don't have to plan the whole date out. i just wanna know that she can have fun doing anything, anywhere
me: But Brian...this girl likes the waves, but she doesn't wanna get sand in her shoes!! ugh! they're so dirty!
Brian: if she don't like sand in her shoes then she won't do for me
Brian: she must like the beach
Me: What do you want to say to your fans?
Brian: find your dream and follow your heart.

Me: What do you have to say to the kids who play RollerJam in their back yards and stuff?
Brian: they need to know that these moves are serious and can be life or health threatening. if they are truly interested in playing roller derby then they need to find the nearest track to skate or seek proper instruction on how to play safely. or contact me via email and i will help them with info or instruction

Sean Davidson's Interview
Me-What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Sean- Peanut Butter Pecan
Me-What is your favorite
Sean-The 70's, I think that's the funniest.
Me-What would be your "Dream Girl" be like?
Sean-She will have to be Mellow, and put up with all the B.S. that I say and MAYBE (one of Sean's BS thingys he says)she has to wear pigtails and have a Catholic uniform on.
Me-What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Me-Which RollerJam girls would you date?
Sean-I wouldn't want to date any of them, since I know them so well. Of course, they're all pretty and some of them are hot, no doubt.
Thanks Sean!